Choosing the Perfect Spot: TV Placement Tips for New Home Buyers

Choosing the Perfect Spot: TV Placement Tips for New Home Buyers

As a home buyer, have you ever previewed a property you absolutely love and wondered where you would place the TV? You are not alone, one of the most common dilemmas, for homeowners, is figuring out where to place the TV. 

The location of the TV can significantly impact the layout and functionality of a room. Here are a few options that new, or current, home buyers can consider when deciding where to place their TV:


Retractable Wall Mounting:

Wall mounting the TV is a popular choice for many homeowners. It not only saves space but also creates a modern and streamlined look. When wall mounting or retractable wall mounting, you have the option to angle the TV towards you, and the TV can be placed in the living room above a fireplace, on a blank wall, or even in the bedroom for a cozy setup. 


Entertainment Center: 

For those who prefer a more traditional setup, an entertainment center or TV stand can be a great option. This allows for storage of media components and provides a designated space for the TV within the living room or entertainment area.


Built-In Shelving: 

New home buyers with a penchant for customization may opt for built-in shelving units that incorporate the TV. This option allows for a seamless integration of the TV into the overall design of the room and provides additional storage and display space for decor.


Projection TVs: 

For those seeking a cinematic experience, a projection TV can be an excellent choice. This setup involves projecting the TV onto a blank wall or screen, creating a large-scale viewing experience ideal for dedicated media rooms or home theaters.


Floor Mounted Concealed TV: 

A floor mounted concealed TV offers a unique and innovative solution. The TV can be concealed within a cabinet or furniture piece and can be raised or lowered as needed, or be integrated in the floor and be raised by a high-tech automated arm, providing a sleek and space-saving option for new home buyers.


Under-Bed Mounts: 

In bedrooms with limited space, under-bed mounts can be a clever way to integrate a TV into the room without sacrificing floor or wall space. The TV can be hidden away in the foot of the bed and then be brought out with a touch of a button, being raised by a hydraulic arm mechanism. This option allows for comfortable viewing from the bed while keeping the TV hidden when not in use.


Ultimately, the best placement for the TV will depend on the layout of the home, the homeowner's lifestyle, and personal preferences. Considering factors such as viewing angles, natural light, and furniture arrangement can help new home buyers make an informed decision about where to place their TV in their new home.

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